Care Instructions



Drinkware: **HANDWASH** Although using a dishwasher may seem like the default option for cleaning drinkware, it definitely IS NOT recommended for custom imprinted ceramics and bottles. The high temperatures and harsh detergents a dishwasher uses can damage a custom imprint, as well as a thin layer of surface coating on many metal tumblers and bottles. To clean drinkware, wipe your item down with a sponge and warm, soapy water, and rinse it quickly under running water.


Apparel & Textiles: **COLD WATER + LINE DRY** Cold water is the best choice whether you're washing your item by hand or in the machine. Hot water is harsh on fabric and the imprint ink. Avoid bleach, which can fade imprints and ruin the color of your garment if the fabric isn't white. Instead, go for a mild detergent or Woolite. Turn your shirt inside out before washing and, if possible, line dry your item or hang it on a hanger, rather than putting it in the dryer. Like hot water, heat from the dryer can prematurely wear on the imprint ink and materials.