Curated Gifts Your Hometown

What makes you think of home

Represent your hometown with curated gifts from The Rooted Plow — each designed with Southern New England in mind, places like Ridgefield and Redding Connecticut and North Salem, New York.

We have a little something for everyone with our wide selection of unique gifts, including bar and drinkware, totes, linens, kids’ clothing, hats, stickers, magnets, and more. 

Take a little reminder of home with you wherever you go. 

Embrace Your Hometown Pride

Hometown pride is that feeling you get when you talk about where you live or where you grew up. It is that feeling of security and belonging. Your hometown is the place you always long for when things just feel off with the rest of the world. It’s where most of your life’s sweetest memories took place. 

Express your love for your Southern New England hometown with merchandise from The Rooted Plow. Our giftware pays tribute to the following towns/places:

Ridgefield CT

Redding CT

New Canaan CT

Lewisboro/South Salem, NY

North Salem NY

Wilton CT

Weir Farm

The Lounsbury House

The Keeler Tavern

The Cass Gilbert Fountain


New York State 

Choosing the Perfect Gift 

In today’s world, time is of the essence. We are so quick to purchase a gift card for any special occasion and pass it on without a second thought. Gifts are meant to be meaningful — and they are meant to stir up emotions. A gift should never be an afterthought. When you give one, the recipient should be able to feel the heart and thought that went into the purchase. 

So, how do you choose the perfect gift? 

Look for a personalized gift, one that is unique and can’t be found just anywhere.

Choose something distinctive that they wouldn’t.

Know that the quality of the gift matters almost as much as the gift.

When you choose from our selection at The Rooted Plow, you will find that perfect gift. 

Why Choose The Rooted Plow? 

We understand that you cannot show the depth of your hometown pride with less-than merch. You need the good stuff — the real, American-made, high-quality, built tough stuff. That’s what we deliver. You will find that our products are made in the USA from sustainably sourced materials.

With The Rooted Plow, not only can you count on us for the perfect gift, but you can depend on its quality. And beyond that, feel good about making the purchase.

“We aim to collaborate with small batch, USA-based makers who share our values of sustainability and the promotion of social good.  After all, positively impacting our communities is just as important as creating unique and memorable products for our customers.”

The best part? We ship our goods anywhere within the United States. If life has pulled you far away from your hometown, you can still access all the things that remind you of home. 

Check out our online store or find our products at local businesses we have partnered with. 

Customer Reviews

Despite no longer living in Ridgefield, I love that I can still get American-made products that remind me of “home,” even from my new home in the Southeast! The product quality is top-notch, and every piece takes me back to that glorious part of New England.

- Sara G.

The Rooted Plow has many custom hometown inspired products you just don’t find anywhere else. I recently purchased one of their handcrafted puzzles depicting a vintage Connecticut postcard for my mom for Mother’s Day and she was astonished with the quality and design. Keep the great items coming!

- Bob C.