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About Us

Our Story

How do a native New Yorker and a Minnesotan settle in Ridgefield, Connecticut? Well, we were two young families (who happened to be related) looking for a special place to raise our kids. For the New Yorker, an unsolicited friendly greeting by a complete stranger on Main Street was a startling and welcome contrast to the typical New York street encounter. For the Minnesotan, the warmth and sense of community felt comfortably Midwestern. Individually and together, we made Ridgefield our home, raised our kids here, and all four cousins attended Ridgefield High School.

Why The Rooted Plow?

We chose a name that evokes a sense of history and place. It’s a nod to Ridgefield’s farming legacy, its Native American heritage, and the generations of families who have put down roots in this community and added to the strength of its character; the patchwork of its 300-year-old quilt. The Rooted Plow is a metaphor for Ridgefield’s cultural heritage and all the things we find so special about our adopted hometown.

About Our Iconic Ridgefield Logo

The exclusive custom logo on many of our products is a tribute to Ridgefield’s past and some of its iconic features. The two arrows represent Ridgefield’s Native American legacy, the Elm tree pays tribute to the many beautiful Elms that once stood strong on Main Street and in Ballard Park, and the Cass Gilbert Fountain speaks for itself as the unofficial welcome mat at the crossroads of Route 33 and Route 35/Main Street.

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- Diana & Leslie