Ridgefield Cuff Bracelet

Ridgefield Cuff Bracelet

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New for Fall '17, these modern cuff bracelets are an everyday way to show some hometown pride in style. Available in two styles:

3/8" wide Silver Zip Code Cuff

1/4" wide Gold Lat/Long Cuff 

About the metals: Our gold bracelets are made of NuGold, also known as 'red brass', an alloy metal composed of 85% copper and 15% zinc and is nickel free. Our silver bracelets are made of Aluminum. Aluminum is incredibly lightweight but it is also very strong and is therefore hard to scratch and will not tarnish.  It's an excellent, low maintenance metal and is also completely hypoallergenic.  It can also safely be worn in water.

Sizing: all of our cuffs are stamped on metal that is 6 inches long.